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Unlimited local and long distance calling to 70 Countries Including US and Canada an Anywhere in Morocco Plus-mobile

The Morocco Ultimate World unlimited plans offers following

    • Unlimited local and long distance calling to U.S.A. and Canada And 68 additional Countries. Plus 650- minutes to all mobile Phone Number in Morocco Plus Unlimited Calling to Morocco Landline.
    • Keep your Own Phone Number or Choose a New number from The country of your Choice.
    • Receive Call with a Netherland or UK, USA, or Canada Number Or even any Area Code of your Choice. Click HERE to see the Numbers that we offer.

All of Our Service Works 4 differents ways, “ Cell-phone/Home,  Computer an Tablet all at the Same time ‘’.And Works Anywhere in The World For Only One-Price .

    • Included features such as:
Call forwarding
3Way Calling
Call Waiting
Low International Rates
Caller ID
Pinless Dialing
and more.....

Added Benefits
  • Free Calls to other pretty-talk members anywhere in the World, Including Free Video-Calls and Tex-Messages
  • Choose an Incoming phone Number from Anywhere In the World.
  • pretty-talk has Phone Numbers Available across the world.
  • Manage your Account anytime through your Online Control Panel.
  • pretty-talk has ( Phone Numbers Available ) across The World.
  • You Can Bring ‘’ your Own Device’’ are Purchase directly from KDSLmobile. All our Devices are unlock and yours to Keep.
  • Access USA/Canada emergency services with 911 Dialing
  • Choose Your payment method and cancel anytime with no Penalties.

What Do I Need?
  • You must have a GSM SIM-CARD or a broadband Internet connection.
  • You need an analog telephone adapter, IP Phone or Softphone.

You can start saving immediately!
Place your order and then Download the free Softphone to immediately start using your pretty-talk account. No equipment needed.

Morocco Ultimate World Unlimited

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Unlimited Calling to the
US and Canada, PLUS
Unlimited Calling to
67 additional Countries*


Keep my existing number
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transfarable? Check it

*Number porting is only available
in US/Canada and
selected countries