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Bring your own SIP Device or buy From us. K-dealsmobile supports many Manufacturers.

Offer your client cutting edge
Calling service such:

  • Free Internet calling
  • Pay-as-you-Calling
  • Unlimited calling plans an more
  • DID Incoming Number Availability
  • Re-brand our service to hide Our identity and cooperation Without large investment.
  • We give you your own Branded SIP Proxy for use In device configuration.
  • Sell in your own currency And automatically mark-up Our prices.
  • Access to a complete Portfolio of Phone service.
  • Prepaid Calling-cards Service Low Competitive Rates


Reseller Package

pretty-talk offer you the ability to start offering your Telecommunications services fast and very easy….. We do what other providers won’t and we have the quality, experience and Support to back it up. We offer everything you needs Including Plans, devices and support.

Always remember, at pretty-talk, there are no hidden fees or future purchase commitment of any kind.

For more information about joining the reseller program, please
Click Here.

Need Help? For UK, Call +4420333183304

For USA, Call +786-975-2104, and for Europe Call, +31708080133 We have two type of reseller programs see below:

Provisional Reseller:
Been a Provisional reseller you get a shopping cart with
a website included Professional help pertaining texes, logo’s,
included with
Specific amount of packages to place on to your website
Without of to be going through stress and a lot of
Thinking about what to place on to your website.
pretty-talk.com Provides 24/7 professional help for
All Provisional Resellers in the right manner ,so their will
Be no wrong explanations on your website.

pretty-talk offer the industry Leading Reseller Program.
We let your own GSM SIM-CARDS with DATA that roams in many countries under your Own Brand-Name, We let you Sell phone services in your branded name including Internet
Phone services, SIP Termination, SIP Trunking, International Phone Numbers and additional Unlimited Plans, Including Calling-cards under your Own Branded-Name, We also offer Prepaid Phone Services Using our Phone System and an Analog Telephone adapter, Softphone, PBX, Asterisk, Trixbox or other phone devices which can use a SIP Trunk. pretty-talk white label Phone Solutions are Designed so you can Private label our Home phone Services,
Business phones Services, Call-Shop-Service and Phone service For Cyber Cafes. pretty-talk is Proud to Support Internet telephony equipment Including Sipura, Linksys, Cisco, Digium, Grandstream and many more. We offer low Cost A to Z rates and Provides International Termination along with DID phone Numbers for private label Resellers

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